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My name is Dimple Singh, and I am the founder and chef of Thank Gourd. What started as an experiment is now India's first 100% plant-based restaurant serving Pan-Asian cuisine. Thank Gourd's menu initially comprised all my favorite dishes. Now, every couple of months, we upgrade our tantalizing menu with crowd-favorite dishes.

The inspiration for starting Thank Gourd was clear to me from day one. My goal is to make it convenient for people to eat right. While doing that, I also aspire to spread love, and thus have a positive effect on both the physical and mental health of people dining at Thank Gourd.

I completed my graduation in BCom from Mumbai University in 2017. Soon after I turned 21, I got the opportunity to work as a wedding planner in Bali. After working there for two years and traveling to some of the most beautiful South Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong among others, I flew back to India wanting to explore the wedding industry.

I landed a job amid the pandemic, and to my surprise, weddings were still celebrated with all the splendor and glamor that Indian weddings are known for. After working for a year as a wedding planner, I realized neither was I thriving nor was I happy. In fact, during that period, I was also transitioning from a non-vegetarian to a vegan. I found myself becoming more conscious about the environment, animals, and my health.

All of this collectively brought me closer to my first love — FOOD. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the art of cooking and serving food a certain way without compromising on taste or aesthetics.

After I quit my job as a wedding planner, I had the entire month to myself for the first time in a whole decade. I had always kept myself busy and was too scared to even leave my job without having a solid backup plan.

However, this time, I made sure not to even have any interviews lined up so that I get time to pursue my passion, which is cooking delicious food. Soon after, in the following month itself, I started Thank Gourd from home, delivering delicious smoothie bowls and Hummus. I haven't looked back ever since! It gives me immense joy to be able to host at my restaurant people from across Mumbai. Team Thank gourd strives our best to bring to the table nothing but the best plant-based, pan-Asian dishes that can be enjoyed by all!


Watching our lovely customers relish our food is what gives us the motivation to continue expanding our menu and serving delectable dishes every day. If you haven't visited us yet, please do and if you already have, visit again!


Follow us on Instagram @thankgourd

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